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Gift Chocolate Basket, Assorted Chocolates and Cookies


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Brand: Eva's Gift Universe

Color: Medium Basket 2


  • ✅GIFT BASKET – Gift Basket full of your favorite and the most popular chocolate flavors, it is the gifting season and we are here to ensure that you are not left out. Count on our gift basket to help you warm the hearts of your loved ones.
  • ✅FOR THE FAMILY – Our family care package gift basket will suit everyone in the house, from kids to adults. It contains chocolates, cookies, candy and waffles. Delicious variety of chocolate flavors including special popular chocolate. Perfect combination for your family and loved ones.
  • ✅READY FOR GIFTING – This gift basket comes ready for gifting with a stylish basket and ribbon to ensure you don’t waste time when spreading love to your friends and family with the candy basket gift. Comes in a decorative gift basket with a fancy gift ribbon. Suitable for any purpose or any occasion.
  • ✅FOR COUPLES – Our gift basket for lovers also makes a perfect fit for couples celebrating the special occasions in their union. Whether it is anniversary or vow renewal, this is the gift option for you. Make the holiday special with this choice of gift basket!
  • ✅LIVE IN THEIR HEARTS – We all look for ways that we can live in the hearts of our family and friends, try one of our gift baskets to show love like never before. Send your expression of kindness with this Gift Basket.

Details: Showing love to your family is best done through a family care package gift basket. Gifts always win the heart over and there is nothing more special than knowing that someone you care for was thinking about you. Our gift basket is one way of making this powerful statement to your family and friends alike. Our Christmas gift basket comes with a stylish ribbon that makes it ready to gift. You will no longer have to worry about buying wrapping paper or spending hours decorating the Christmas gift food basket. This candy basket gift for Christmas is suitable for the whole family and contains chocolates, cookies, candy and waffles. If you are looking to make the Christmas season a memorable one for your family, then look no further than our gift basket for family.

Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 7.6 x 6.1 inches