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Martinelli's Gold Medal Sparkling Apple Cider, 8.4 oz Pack of 12 Bottles



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Martinelli's Gold Medal Sparkling Apple Cider - Celebrate in Style with a Classic Beverage

Brand: Martinelli's


  • Martinelli's Testy Gold Medal Sparkling Apple Cider, 8.4 oz each bottle
  • Pasteurized 100% pure carbonated apple juice from U.S.-grown fresh apples, vitamin C, no water or alcohol, no concentrates, no sweeteners or chemical preservatives.
  • Special “mini” 8.4 fl. oz. size bottle of Sparkling Cider can make any moment a special occasion, big or small. Each bottle features carbonated pure apple juice from 100% U.S.-grown fresh apples. Share the special taste with a friend!
  • Non-alcoholic version of our founder’s original Champagne Cider. Carbonated 100% juice from U.S.-grown fresh apples, not from concentrate, with no added sweeteners or chemical preservatives. Vitamin C is added to maintain color.
  • Transform any moment into a celebration with our wide variety of Gold Medal non-alcoholic Sparkling Juices. From golden sparkling ciders to sparkling blends, each is pressed from 100% U.S.-grown fresh apples that are perfect for the whole family.


Binding: Grocery

Details: ✺ Gold Medal Process ✺ PICKEDThe Martinelli’s Gold Medal process begins with a blend of U.S.-grown fresh apples of the finest varieties, including the flavorful Newtown Pippin, which helps us achieve the perfect balance of natural sweetness and tartness with no concentrates or additives. Pressed apples are thoroughly washed and hand-sorted to remove any defects and then ground to a pulp and cold pressed to release the delicious fresh juice. PASTEURIZED Our premium 100% juice is then flash-pasteurized, hot-filled into new bottles, capped, and quickly cooled to retain the natural fresh apple flavor. Our Sparkling Cider and other sparkling 100% juices are carbonated, cold-filled, capped, then slowly pasteurized and cooled in the bottle. Both end processes result in product purity and quality for extended shelf life without chemical preservatives. The most sophisticated quality control methods are applied at every step in Martinelli’s Gold Medal process to ensure superior quality.

EAN: 0685987072693

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 10.7 x 9.5 inches