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Bamboo Round Cutting Board for Kitchen




Bamboo Cutting Board - Durable, Eco-Friendly, and Easy to Clean

Brand: RoyalHouse

Size: Pack of 10, 11.8” round and 0.6 inches thick

Color: Natural

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  • The bamboo wooden surface is tasteful and useful for all kitchen needs. Biodegradable. Usually inexhaustible bamboo and remarkable nice shape configuration influence a strong cutting board, with an appealing warm shading, moderate appeal to your kitchen. Bamboo Cutting Board Organizer made of unadulterated bamboo, well-being, and Eco-accommodating material.
  • SIZE: 11.8” round, 0.6 inches thick, and only 1.6 pounds, this versatile board is great for minor food preparation such as cutting cheese, chopping vegetables, slicing fruit, or just cutting vegetables any time serving any kind of food as you desire.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Being made from just the most elevated nature of premium natural bamboo, this cutting board is relatively unbreakable! No breaks or tiny fibers on the food. it is a very good deal we provide you the good value for the three- different special sizes of bamboo cutting boards.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It's more grounded and sturdier than wood, and ecologically well disposed of.
  • STURDY AND STAIN: Safe and Simple Support - The characteristic bamboo material doesn't recolor and lose its quality from dishes, nourishment, cleansers, and water. You can protect your bamboo cutting board kitchen with oil to look decent and delightful on the ledge.

model number: 10


SPECIFICATIONS - Material: Bamboo Product Size: Open: 11"L x ¾ inches - Product Weight: 1.6 lbs Notes: - Clean before utilization and remove the plastic film in the wake of opening the bundle. - Abstain from leaving the cutting board in water or uncovering it under solid daylight for a really long time.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS For kitchen utensils: -Hand wash with hot soapy water right after use - Use a cleaning cloth to scrub away stuck-on food particles - Wipe it dry with a clean cloth For kitchen furniture: For kitchen furniture: -Dust, brush, or vacuum accumulated surface dirt - Clean using a soft cloth or sponge and mild soapy water -Wipe it dry with a clean cloth -Environmentally-friendly material -Do not soak Royal House gives Quality Guaranteed 100% Natural